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Food quality control can be performed automatically along the production line (online) by means of artificial vision systems. These systems combine spectral and spatial information from products.

Artificial vision provides quick and precise visual maps related to the composition of food and, therefore, optimize the manufacturing processes to obtain a quality and homogenous product as well as to detect errors in the process, as soon as they are produced.

The inspection is carried out along the entire production process (100%), on the composition parameters in addition to visuals, 24 hours a day, in a homogenous and repetitive manner, which allows taking quality control of food products to the next level.

Bringing value through…

Speed and reliability

Speed and reliability in quality controls, analysis of the composition, verification of the existence or nonexistence of microbiological contamination or adulteration of food products, all in real time.

Maintenance of organoleptic qualities

Maintenance of organoleptic qualities of food through the detection of changes in the chemical or physical properties.

Detection of allergens

Prevent intoxications due to allergens through the detection of allergens in foods.

Risk reduction

Risk reduction of defective batches and their consequences to detect defects and losses as well as foreign bodies of different density.

Complete control of food

Complete control of food since we can get a map of its chemical composition.

Efficiency in production

Increase production and reduce costs as well as dependence on the human factor.


Success Story:
Aperitivos Medina

Aperitivos Medina has implemented a new automatic inspection system

Own Technology:
Penetranting NIR Vision

Penetranting NIR vision: Technologies in sensors to control food safety

Own Technology:
Chemical Image

Chemical Image: Technologies in sensors to control food quality and safety.


Ricardo Díaz

More than 16 years as an expert in automation technologies

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