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Producers of food, dietary, and nutritional supplements seek to respond to consumer demand for natural and healthy products (combined with convenience and hedonism). Extraction with supercritical CO2 is safe, cost effective and an environmentally friendly alternative suitable for extracting ingredients and removing impurities.

When CO2 reaches the supercritical or subcritical point, it flows as a gas and dissolves as a liquid. Therefore it is ideal for extraction processes. Due to these characteristics, it controls the quality of active ingredients and excipients for their use in medicine and the pharmacy.

Bringing value through…

High selective capacity

In supercritical conditions, CO2 acts like a liquid with high selective capacity

Clean alternative to use from organic solvents

CO2 is a completely harmless gas and does not generate any type of waste

Easy separation of substances

Easy separation of substances through the evaporation of CO2 with the substances of interest

Maintenance of organoleptic properties

Extraction is performed at mild temperatures, so that nutrients and organoleptic properties do not deteriorate.


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Miguel García Suárez


Miguel García

Chemical Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in extractive solutions based on supercritical fluids.
Head of Supercritical Extractions Department (Altex)