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Difunde tus innovaciones (tecnologías, productos o ingredientes) y encuentra soluciones a tus necesidades tecnológicas, a través de la red Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

La red Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), en la que participan 60 países con más de 600 organizaciones y 3.000 expertos, apoya a las empresas en la innovación y crecimiento de sus negocios.

AINIA, socio de la EEN, ofrece a las empresas asesoramiento para explotar las inversiones realizadas en proyectos de I+D+i y para la búsqueda de socios colaboradores para afrontar nuevos retos.

Te aportamos asesoramiento técnico en la elaboración y difusión de tus ofertas, demandas y búsquedas de socios.

Oferta Tecnológica

Promoción de desarrollos propios: productos, servicios, tecnologías o Know-how

Demanda Tecnológica

Búsqueda de soluciones tecnológicas para resolver necesidades actuales o futuras.

Proyectos Internacionales

Búsqueda de consorcios según temática o prioridades. Búsqueda de colaboradores para participar en una iniciativa propia.

Búsquedas de socios

Últimas ofertas y demandas publicadas en el marco internacional.

Tipo de perfil


A Singapore startup in high-tech farming is seeking a technology provider or collaborator to provide a packaging technology solution with freshness indication and food traceability features for its food produce. It hopes to provide innovative packaging with these value-added features will lead to increased consumer satisfaction and reduced food wastage. The startup seeks licensing or research cooperation with SMEs of all sizes or MNEs.

A young French company specialised in agribusiness produces fresh and healthy juice. In order to strengthen its activity, the SME is urgently looking for a cold press machine (new generation hydraulic press or screw press). The objective is to extract 100 liters/hour of juice from various recipes based on a mixture of herbs, vegetables and fruits. The SME is seeking commercial agreement with technical assistance with a manufacturer of semi-automatic agrofood equipment.

Italian company based in northern Italy close to the city of Milan, wants to scale-up the production of grasshoppers flour used in pet food. The company is looking for industrial partners with knowledge in the field of animal proteins to help in the automatization process. Research cooperation agreement is sought after but other types of partnerships can be discussed.

A German SME invented a biogel for regulating/balancing the human intestinal flora. It is vegan, free of lactose and artifical preservatives/sweeteners. They look for industrial partners, e.g. food producers for a manufacturing agreement. Production and filling/packaging requirements are, e.g. production of two dry mixes, cooking, addition/homogenization of ingredient, filling machine, first and second packaging in sachets as well as storage.

A French SME created an intelligent shading system to be installed above fields to protect every type of crop, and especially sensitive crops, responding to the issues of climate change. This is an automated system using artificial intelligence. This company is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance with partners in Spain and Italy. They are looking for big farming companies and installers specialised in green house construction.

Tus búsquedas de socios

Si estás interesado en explotar tus inversiones en I+D+i y comercializar tu tecnología, producto o know-how;

Si buscas socios para colaborar en el marco de un proyecto internacional.

Te podemos ayudar. Recibe asesoramiento personalizado.

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Sonia Pastor

Sonia Pastor

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