• Analytical services

    Guarantee the quality of your products with the most reliable analysis

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  • Consumer studies

    Improve product positioning

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  • New products development

    Natural alternative ingredients and less processed foods

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  • Process innovation

    Industry 4.0, greater knowledge and control of production processes

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  • Food Law

    Ensure the trust of your clients and consumers

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We work to be your partner in innovation

Our mission is to bring value to companies and to be your partner in innovation

We have the knowledge, technology, and understand your business. We combine skills to solve problems with a proactive approach. A great part of our work is performed on a strictly confidential basis.

Continuous innovation is the essence of our culture, and compels us to further drive the collaboration with our associates and clients. We assume the risks and commit ourselves to achieving this goal. AINIA is your strategic innovation partner.

+30 years

of experience

+200 researchers

in staff

+700 companies


+12.000 m2

of facilities

We have the solutions your business needs

Our solutions improve your income statement

We are specialists in the development of technologies applied to the improvement of productivity of industrial processes. We are also experts in product innovation developed with a comprehensive approach, with multidisciplinary teams capable to address all aspects of your value chain.

Our solutions are finalists and open up opportunities for your business, offering an answer to your market needs and solving the problems of your company. All of this with sustainability and corporate responsibility management criteria.

we are experts in

Food and health; quality and food security; industrial design and production; sustainability; consumer; packaging; industry 4.0; food law……

Corporate management requires innovation to harmonize a broad spectrum of related variables. From raw materials to the finished product, it undergoes the production process, the sales channel up to the internal management and human resources systems, addressing training and constant professional retraining systems. All of the foregoing processes take place in the different markets the company operates in. Innovation and internationalization are part of the same reality.

AINIA therefore partners with companies in its import/export sectors, and opens international markets through innovation.