more than 12.000 m2
  • Laboratories
  • Pilot plants
  • Training
  • Altex
  • Consumolab

Our laboratories offer and develop quick and efficient methods to guarantee the food quality and security of companies. Our analytical services are the following:

  • RECOGNISED: Accredited by ENAC and recognised by first level entities such as Foreign Health, Ministry of Environment or General Directorate of Public Health.
  • CUSTOMISED: We develop, optimize and carry out customised and adapted methods according to the needs and special features of each client.
  • QUICK: Results in less than 24 hours.

We have 2,800 m2 of analytical infrastructures which respond to several needs from the food and related sectors.

General Chemistry


Physical assays


Cellular Culture

Molecular Biology



Our pilot plants are infrastructures created by one or various equipments that we use to obtain experimental results in our research, development and innovation projects. When these results are optimal, we proceed to their industrial scaling.




Hygiene of Equipment


Supercritical Fluids

Artificial Vision


Unit Operations

New Products

Culture of Microalgae


AINIA considers that training plays a decisive and strategic role to contribute to industrial development in the ever more competitive and dynamic national and international sectors. Our wager is the customised training necessary to provide advanced technical knowledge to companies. For this reason, our facilities are prepared for the development of continued and diverse training activities, events and conferences.

  • Assembly Hall with capacity for 130 persons, equipped with sound system, projection screen, laser pointer…
  • Meeting Rooms equipped with voice and data infrastructure
  • Meeting Rooms and Seminars adaptable and equipped with the latest technologies

Industrial facility created by AINIA with the objective to provide access to the industrial use of supercritical CO2 in extraction and advanced purification processes as well as in specific material treatments. Multi-purpose and versatile infrastructure to provide customised service based on the requirement of each user company. The main characteristics of the facility are the following:

  • 4 extractors of 1,000 liters of individual capacity
  • 3 separators of 500 liters that allow to fraction the extracts.
  • Pump system for pressure up to 350 bar with cosolvent injection.
  • Integral recovery equipment of CO2
  • Equipment to prepare the raw materials to optimal process conditions.
  • Heating system for temperatures of up to 100º C with two thermal circuits coupled to achieve the maximum level of energy use.
  • Clean packaging room of final product with packaging option in inert atmosphere for unstable products.

Consumolab  has a range of resources and infrastructure, modern and fully equipped, dedicated to providing the best service. Facilities up to our team in continuing training and working every day to provide the best approach to your project.

Two laboratories in Madrid and Valencia. Two highly representative geographical areas where we have facilities equipped with:

  • Tasting rooms: 12 to 14 individual cabins, heated, ventilated and designed according to UNE 87004.
  • Computer system of automatic data acquisition.
  • Industrial kitchen prepared to develop different types of products (mixed convection-steam ovens, microwave, plates, fryers, etc.).
  • Consumer reception room and training panels.


Tasting rooms


Halls for group dynamics