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Additional analytical services solutions

AINIA has 2.800 m2 with advanced equipment that allow the performance of more than 200.000 annual assays. The team of multidisciplinary specialists contributes to the innovation and development of new analytical methods.

AINIA’s nine laboratories offer flexible technologies:

additional solutions

Analysis and assays: Food

  • Chemical characterization and nutritional composition (humidity, protein, fat, dietary fiber, ashes, vitamins, fatty acids, cholesterol, nitrates, phosphorous, aminoacids, …)
  • Contaminants (mycotoxins, heavy metals … )
  • Pesticide wastes
  • Waste substances for veterinary use (National Program of Waste Research in Animal Food Origin (PNIR)]
  • Physical characterization of food
  • Isotopic characterization (18o/16o/13c/12c)
  • Additives (preservatives, dyes…)
  • Allergens (gluten)
  • Pathogens and indicators (ISO methods, quick methods)
  • Emerging pathogens (Hepatitis A, norovirus, Shogi Toxin producing Escherichia Coli Infection [STEC]…)
  • Altering microorganisms
  • Microorganism genotyping
  • Identification of foreign matter
  • “Challenge test”
  • In vitro” evaluation of bioactivity of ingredients
  • Microbiological, chemical and sensorial useful life
  • Sensorial analysis
  • Cleaning Equipment Test [EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) (EHEDG)]

Analysis and assays: Cosmetics and Physical Higiene

  • Biological parameters to evaluate the security of cosmetic ingredients: acute toxicity, corrosion, irritation, skin sensitivity, mutagenicity, genotoxicity, phototoxicity …
  • Biological product validation assays: in vitro assays, cellular culture, …
  • Biological parameters to determine the effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients: hydration, antiaging, anti-wrinkle, solar protection …

Analysis and assays: Packaging

  • Global migration
  • Specific migration
  • Permeability to oxigen, water vapor and CO2
  • Integrity of seals
  • Diagnosis of packaging defects
  • Characterization of materials and multilayer films
  • Bioacid activity
  • Consumer perception test
  • Hygiene and sterility controls
  • Packaging mechanical properties and packaging materials

Analysis and assays: Pharmacy and Biomedicine

  • Analysis of metals in blood.
    Analysis of antibodies in blood.
    Permeability measure of packaging for sanitary use.
    Detection and identification of microbiological and chemical contaminants.

Analysis and assays: Chemical products: cleaning, disinfection, agrochemicals

  • Chemical analysis to determine the composition of products.
  • Control of contaminants: metals, decomposition compounds, residual raw materials, solvents.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of biocide product.
  • Effectiveness of cleaning and desinfection systems.
  • Test of equipment cleanability – European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EFEDG).


ENAC-ILAC MRA international guarantee

Authorized by the Accreditation National Entity (ENAC in Spanish) to make use of ENAC-ILAC MRA international brand.


Roberto Ortuño

More than 15 years of experience in food safety.
Director of Technological Assistance and Analysis