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It is essential to know the competitive environment of your company both in the introduction of the corporate strategy as well as in the execution of proposed initiatives since on-time reorientation is better than a failed attempt.

We customise competitive intelligence projects to identify and monitor those critical factors that directly affect your company. The changes in the environment in which your products are commercialised determine the success or the failure of an innovation initiative.

The identification of market, technology and consumption trends with sufficient time in advance allows the early recognition of opportunities which in turn will enable a better competitive positioning as a last resort. Based on that objective, we work with a multidisciplinary team in the forefront of research, development and innovation.

We bring value through…

Key market factors

Market information for substantiated decision-making processes

Multidisciplinary team

Assessment of information by a multidisciplinary team expert in the last technology development, launching new products into the market, legislation, and design of packaging systems among others.

Competitive environment

The five forces model of analysis developed by Michael Porter are customized for your company


Identification of market trends and technologies


Technology watch bulletins

Collaboration with the Industrial Organisation School (EOI) in developing technology watch bulletins on three major axes for the food industry: biotechnology, preservation techniques and systems and development of new food products.

Own technology:

The Collaborative Technology Watch Platform iWatch allows to know the changes in the competitive environment of a company.

European project:

FoodSME-HOP, innovation management for agri-food SMEs where competitive intelligence is a key factor.


David Martínez

More than 15 years of experience in Information and Communication Technologies for the agro-food sector.
Head of the ICT Department